I have 5 gallon bucket with sealed top, spigot and an air trap. I'm wondering what I can make. Is there any website that will give me recipes that I can try? I'm itching to make something.

  • Depends what you want to make, wine, beer, other fruit wines?
    – Philippe
    Sep 19, 2017 at 12:52

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"How to Brew" by John Palmer.


It is also available as a physical book. Highly recommended! It is generally regarded as the book for getting started these days.

Enjoy the hobby!


The American Homebrewers Association: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/


There are so many resources on the internet these days:



American Home Brewers Association

This is the book from CAMRA in the UK that got me started down this long long road about 14 years ago:

CAMRA Guide to Home Brewing

Also here there are a number of recipes on this site where people have been asking for comment.

If you are looking to design your own recipies in the future here are a few more places for you to look:

BeerSmith's Blog

Designing Great Beers - Ray Daniels


I would like to recommend: http://brewworld.com.au for tutorials, tips, and cooking directions plus the best products and kits available in the market.


For anyone looking for this in the future, you can try Brewsearch

It has a neat little random recipe button that will give you 3 new recipes to try.

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