I just saw a YouTube video where since guy puts the mashing tun - a pot in this case - in the oven to help with heat loss. I believe he didn't heat it, but world heating the oven to around mash temperature would help? Is this a common technique for small batch brewing?

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Not, unless you set up a custom temp control for the oven. Most ovens start at 200°F which is much higher than any mash temp.

Putting in a warm oven with it off could be done easily with a manual thermometer. Just turn it off when it gets to mash temp and it should hold the heat nicely.


I think it's a good idea. My oven starts out at 170 F. You can get it up to 170, turn it off for a while, open and close the door, and it'll be about the right temp.

I used to use my oven somewhat when I used a pot for a mash tun, but I use plastic now.


You can construct a cooler mash tun with very little $ and only lose a degree or 2 per hour temp. The oven seems a bit unorthodox and tedious.

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