I have a Wyeast smack pack of Lambic blend in my fridge that I bought a month ago before I understood the complexity of brewing a Lambic. I had it next to some beers that I have really enjoyed previously (L'infusée by Brasserie du Monde, and an Imperial pale ale homebrew) and when I opened them both were not as good as they had been. I'm wondering whether having the Lambic pack in with them for a long period could have affected the flavours.

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    Do you mean an unopened yeast-pack spoiled some unopened beers?
    – Kingsley
    Commented Mar 11, 2016 at 0:36

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It is remotely possible for yeast packs to have microbes on the outside of packaging from contamination at packing time. I don't see it contaminating unopened beers though.

Most likely the beer has just aged and changed in flavor as all beers do.


Beers do not easily get infected from the outside. The only times I can confirm infection from the outside is corked beers where the cork shrunk due to old age.

Imperial Pale Ale sounds like a hoppy beer. Chances are the hops just fell out due to age. I think the flavours of the other beer also dropped out due to age.


Hoppier beers should be enjoyed within a short time after brewing. The hop will not age well after conditioning and lose flavor/body over time. More than likely, you are simply tasting old beer. Im not really familiar with the other Canadian beer, but I know it to be a herb/spiced beer, so one could conclude that the herbs/spices would change over time. I know my pumpkin and holiday beers, which are spiced, change after a few months if there is left over from the holidays.

As stated above, no idea how a sealed yeast could effect an unopened beer bottle. Mad science happening if so.

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