My scoby has developed red flecks. There are only about 3 of them. Is it still ok?

The rest of the scoby is the normal whitish beige color.

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Basically, nothing short of a scoby being fuzzy, hairy, bright blue or green, smelling like a diaper pail or biting you is all ok! Mold is pretty much the only absolute no-no. If it isn't moldy and you are happy with the smell (should be slightly vinegary) just taste it. You'll know if it's ok or not by whether you spit it out or not :).

  • Thank you for this. My first scoby got grey and fuzzy, and I was worried it went bad, but the 'booch didn't taste like gym socks, so I figured was alright. Jun 5, 2019 at 4:43

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