Does any one have suggestions on podcasts about homebrewing? Preferably a short excerpt about what topics they bring up.

Thank you.


Brewing Network should be your starting point. Download The Jamil Show, Brew Strong and Brewing With Style and listen to everything from the start. Yes, it is a LOT of podcasts, but you will learn so many things! There are other podcasts on the network, but I will recommend those to start with. Topics: EVERYTHING. They cover all topics, from very basic to the very advanced. They chat with home brewers and pro brewers and random people in between. Warning: The shows may contain foul humor/language. Some content may not be family safe.

Basic Brewing Radio is the other podcast that you should download and listen to from the start. Topics: EVERYTHING! Very similar to the podcast above, but more "professional" and family friendly.

Tip: Listen to the podcasts on 1.5 speed, then you get through them in a shorter time.

Happy listening!

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Basic Brewing Radio

Basic brewing, Interviews Gravity, Malts, Equipment, Quality, Everything


Episodes: 50+

Brew Strong

Water treatment, Interviews, Mead


Episodes: 50+

The Jamil Show

Recieps, Brewing


Episodes: 50+

Brewing TV

Interviews, Brewing



Experimental Homebrewing

Experimental brewing


Episodes: 5+

The Perfect Pour Craft Beer Podcast

Craft beer


Episodes: 100+

Craft beer academy


http://craftbeeracademy.com/category/podcast/ Episodes: 20+

Here are some more: http://microbrewr.com/best-craft-beer-podcasts/

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Beer smith is nice, that created of the software with the same name interviews different beer experts.

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  • Cool I just found that one myself on acast but I havent listned to it. – Pablo Jomer Feb 17 '16 at 13:25

I recommend Experimental Homebrewing

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  • Thanks! we just released Episode 58. We also have a shorter podcast called The Brew Files. You can find them both at www.experimentalbrew.com – Denny Conn Jan 19 '18 at 16:13

Beer smith or American Home brewer Association is a great place to start.

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  • The AHA does a podcast? – brewchez Feb 26 '16 at 13:25


20 Episodes brulosophy.com

Relatively new podcast where they recap "exbeeriments" they've done. Essentially, they brew side-by-side batches, one control and one with a test variable. The topics are pretty on point for homebrewers--it doesn't stray off topic like many other podcasts.

All-time favorite is Basic Brewing. The Mr. Rodger of homebrew. Can't get enough.

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Come and Brew It Radio

On iTunes and Stitcher

90+ episodes

FB: https://www.facebook.com/comeandbrewitradio/

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