I have a cider that i have been fermenting for almost two weeks. I took a reading about four days ago and it was 1.005, we decided it was about time to bottle. Then last night when we got around to bottling i took another reading and it was 1.018! This is before i added the priming sugar. I cant figure out what would have made the gravity go back up after getting down to 1.005?

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Unless you added sugar or evaporated water, a misreading is the only answer I can come up with. Always make sure to spin your hydrometer to ensure there are no air bubbles forcing it up higher.

Any chance your dog knocked in a pound of DME? :)


Most likely user error with a small difference possible due to temperature and/or dissolved co2 floating the hydrometer. It's also possible that there is a density gradient, though it seems less likely after 2 weeks of fermenting.

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