I recently got a 15.5 keggle from AIH and I'm wondering how I could provide markings for my liquid volume other than a sight glass.

I've seen some ideas about marking a mash paddle or a flat tip punch. Does anyone recommend any of those methods or does anyone have a better solution?


If you have this keg style 5, 7.75, 10 are marked by the bottom rib, middle weld, and top rib enter image description here

Paddle / spoon marks on a keggle rely on hitting that small flat spot in the bottom.

I've seen people etch the inside with DIY etching made from a 12v battery charger. There is a trick to the masking using stickers and nail polish. Worth a Google.

This is a pot done with a 9v battery. http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=463099

  • Dude, that etching is great. I could definitely get aboard this way instead of denting or scratching the metal. Jan 15 '16 at 2:54
  • @chrisLawrence just remember to repacify the stainless, or it can rust. Squirt with starsan mix and let air dry. Jan 15 '16 at 4:59

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