I have doubt with a friend. Right now, when we brew we get the hops from the freezer, weight and add to the boiling wort at the same moment that they are needed.

I was thinking if it's OK to weight all the hops just before the wort boils and leave them in tuppers in the same room as where we're brewing (which at this point it's hot & humid).

My friend says that it's not good for the hops and prefers to do it at the moment. I think it doesn't affect in any noticeable way and prefer doing the batch.

So, the question: will my way affect the hops in a noticeable way?

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No you won't notice a difference.

While alpha acids and precious volitiles fade with age and air exposure. You won't register any difference with the limited time you're talking about. I would wrap them in foil or use a zip lock, to prevent contamination that may not get sterilized (whirlpool additions), and at least refrigerate.

Photo from Coachella Valley Brewing Co. Preparing for a brew of their signature IPA , Monumentous. All weighed out and waiting in the walk in cooler. enter image description here

  • Thanks! We're doing the batch and then we put in the freezer until it's time.
    – doup
    Commented Jan 20, 2016 at 12:23

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