I've brewed a bunch of ciders, all starting at OG about 1.060. I've always fermented with Safale S-04. 2 packets for 5-6 gallons of cider. Usually ferments for about 7-10 days.
I'm now making a cider with an OG of 1.087. I pitched the same 2 packets of yeast. There was active fermentation at about 65F for over 1 week, starting 11/23/2015. Sometime later, it slowed down and I figured it was nearly complete at 62F. Current gravity on 12/13/2015 is 1.050! I'm wondering if the S-04 is not going to cut it for this high gravity cider. I'm considering pitching champagne yeast or Wyeast 4766 (which I've just discovered now). Thoughts?

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62F is a little low for S-04. Seeing how you already had some fermentation and yeast activity at the lower temp, ramping the temp up to 68F or 70F would be fine and I wouldn't expect any flavor issues at this point. Things should get moving again once the temp is up.

If not once its warmed up (not before) you could go in with a sanitize racking cane and rouse the yeast too.

  • Do you think the S-04 will get through a 1.087 OG cider?
    – Ryan
    Dec 14, 2015 at 13:38

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