Can I add Co2 to a fermentation tank or to a brightening tank and than bottle it or attach a line to the tap or do I have to put it in a keg?


Generally: no; most homebrewer-scale fermentation and bright tanks are not rated for pressure, though it really depends on what sort of vessel you're using. Some people do ferment directly in a keg, and use a spunding valve to naturally retain CO₂ directly from the fermentation process, such that the beer can directly be served or bottled.

  • The spunding valve trick is pretty slick! You can rack from primary fermentation to a pressure safe vessel like a cornie keg and use the gasses produced in this secondary fermentation to naturally carbonate. Priming sugar can be added to get the carbs you need. Here is a DIY Spunding Valve write-up from BYO: byo.com/color/item/…
    – BoilerBrad
    Oct 28 '15 at 13:10

You can also add fermentable sugars to a bottle or keg to carbonate the beer. You do not have to carbonate in a keg.

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