I'm looking to bottle cocktails in small glass bottles.

I've been looking online and most smaller bottles are either very expensive or have extremely pricy shipping (in most all cases, it comes to around $45/24 bottles (e.g. Amazon has them for $46/24, Shore Container has them for $15 + $28 shipping).

One option is to buy something like Fever Tree tonic water, drink that, then reuse the bottles. I could also buy a 24 pack of Coronitas and reuse those bottles.

Any ideas on a source for bottles I could buy in San Francisco, a cheaper option online, or ideas for alternative sources of bottles like the Fever Tree/Coronitas idea?

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Rainbow coop has lots of different sized glass bottles. 13th & Folsom.


Sometimes Mexican restaurants serve a drink which is a mix of a margarita and a small 7 oz. Corona. If you find one of those restaurants, maybe they would save the extras for you? Otherwise, check Chinatown for a supplier. those guys down there can get you pretty much anything.


I would check with SF Brewcraft to see if they have anything or if they could place a special order for you.

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