I was advised by my LHBS that if I steep 500g of Carapils in 2L of water (for a 23-25L batch) at around 68°C, then use this as part of my boil, then I will have more body and head retention in my beer.

Is this method correct?

Do I use this 2L of water as part of the 11L to be boiled or do I add it to 9L of boiled water to reach the 11L boil size and then proceed as normal?

I use recipe builders as much as possible - do I need to worry about steeping efficiency when I am not trying to create fermentables?

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Yes, you use the wort you create by steeping as part of your boil volume. The method looks fine. I wouldn't worry about steeping efficiency. You won't get more than a few gravity points out of it unless you steep several pounds of grain. Also, be aware that not all grains are suitable for steeping. Some need an actual minimash.


I believe this would be a protein rest, though the temperature is considerably lower than what I have heard before. John Palmer, in his excellent book, says to use a temp between 113 and 131 degrees. Here is the link http://www.howtobrew.com/section3/chapter14-4.html. I have used this method quite a bit and seen a noticeable difference in the beer head retention. Also you would definitely want to add this to your pre-wort boil. You don't want to add anything to a post boil that hasn't been sterilized.

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