I have two questions regarding calculating the MCU for a beer receipt.

MCU = (weight of grain i lbs) * (color in degrees lovibond) / (volume in gallons)
  • For my grains, I have the color listed in SRM, and not Lovibond. Do I have to first convert the color to Lovibond, and then put it into the formula, or is there a variation of this formula that I can use with SRM as well?
  • Which volume do I use here? Do I use the volume at the point in the process where I want to calculate the color? Then I guess post-boil volume would be the best volume to use, or are you supposed to just use the batch size?

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The volume to use is the final volume you are aiming for in the fermenter; yes the post boil volume.

Lovibond -> SRM

°L = (SRM + 0.76) ÷ 1.3546

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