I made a DIY CO2 system for my fish tank. I use fermentation for the CO2. 2 and a half weeks ago I filled a 2ltr soda bottle with water, 2 cups of demerara sugar and a tsp of bakers yeast. This wasnt intended for drinking (no sanitisation first etc) just for producing co2 as cheaply as possible.

I came to change my mixture today and rather than just throw away whatever it is i'd fermented I thought i'd try syphoning the mix into another 2ltr bottle (this is called racking, right?). Then, unable to resist, i poured a little into a glass and tasted expecting vinegar. Although its quite sharp to taste, its not vinegar by any means! it is still very fizzy and has a lasting sharp taste that tbh is not unpleasant. I could mix this with juice and drink it quite happily..

so as the subject says, WHAT have I made and if I choose to drink it all am I going to make myself sick? Now I have this mixture syphoned off into a bottle is there anything else I should do to improve it?


You've made sugar wine, called kilju in Finland. It's also the precursor to rum, which is distilled from a wine made from sugar cane juice or molasses.

It's safe to drink, but to everyone's taste.

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