A recipe I'd like to try has a small proportion of Honey Malt as part of its grain bill. I've looked around supply sites and haven't found one that supplies this malt. I'm in New Zealand, so this might be a regional difference.

What is Honey Malt, and are there any alternative malts that I can use to replace it?

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It's a yummy malt made by Gambrinus Malting, in my home province of British Columbia, Canada.

If you have access to Brumalt, I understand that that is similar. If not, maybe Melanoidin. If not that, a light crystal, around 25.

As you say the Honey Malt is a small proportion of the bill, I don't think you can go too far off. I've made beers with about 10% Honey Malt, and I don't think a substitute would result in the same beer with those, except maybe Brumalt.

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