My set up is for electric BIAB (brew in a bag) so I use a false bottom. The problem is that I don't know if the stainless steel I use is food grade or not. Are there any great risks for my health? Should I replace it or not?

  • Which grade of stainless steel is it? 304, 316 etc..?
    – mdma
    Apr 23, 2014 at 13:18

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I've never heard of non-food-grade stainless steel. Some are more or less susceptible to corrosion than others, but as far as I know all stainless steels are food grade.

[...] stainless steel is a safe option when it comes to use with food and beverage, as there are no chemicals that can migrate into your food from these products.

From http://mightynest.com/blog/stainless-steel-all-about-food-grade-304-188-and-1810

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