I am trying to locate copies of a complete set of Scott Bickham's "Focus on Flavors" column in Brewing Techniques, which seems like it was a journal or magazine in the 1990s.

The question is can anyone help me determine the full list of articles in the column, and to locate copies of the articles? Finding them online would be great, but I would be happy to pay for back issues.

It seems that the series included at last the following, and I have linked to the ones I have located:

Hopefully, this is not off-topic.

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    This is the quintessential question for something like Stack Exchange in my humble opinion. Might even do well as a community wiki.
    – Scott
    Mar 13, 2014 at 22:38

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I am going to answer this question myself, based on additional research. The list of columns in the question is complete. Also, the question has been edited to provide links for a source for each column. I will note that the Focus on Flavor column is often cited as a good study resource for the BJCP exam.

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