Here is a "Carboy Heater" from Adventures in Homebrewing.

Here is an "Electric Fermentation Heater" from Northern Brewer.

I just learned yesterday that "Fermwrap" is a product from MoreBeer. Looking at the pictures, the Fermwrap looks identical to the non branded products, but I've been able to find the non branded products cheaper than the Fermwrap.

I went ahead and bought more Fermwraps just to be consistent with my previous purchases.

However, are they perfect substitutes for each other, or is one superior? Has anyone tried both?

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And Here is Flex-Watt Heat Tape, as used in herpological applications.

They are all exactly the same stuff, the homebrew products are just cut to fit carboys and pre-assembled. It's just a big resistive element, really.

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    Why am I paying $25-33 for a Fermwrap that doesn't wrap around the carboy fully when I can make it my self? Great find! Thanks. Feb 26, 2014 at 21:36

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