I'm brewing a Barleywine soon and wanted to add something to the secondary to make it interesting. I was thinking of doing some bourbon soaked oak cubes, but was also thinking some fruit would be good as well. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

  • What was your original specific gravity and your final specific gravity? I only ask that vs ABV just to get a handle on how sugary the beer might be in its attenuated form. Nov 19, 2013 at 17:01
  • I haven't brewed it yet and still working on the recipe. I think we're shooting for 13%
    – ThatGuyAce
    Nov 20, 2013 at 18:51
  • But what will FG be, according to the recipe? It matters a lot with respect to what will be great additions.
    – Nemis L.
    Nov 20, 2013 at 19:21

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I would say you have 3 tones you could go with.

herbal: cardamom, nutmeg, allspice or star anise. this might be a nice little warm note over the hops.

fruity: orange or lemon zest, or stone fruit(cherries, apricots, etc)

or extra bitter: Wormwood if you are a masochist

taste your wort to what it needs for good balance. I have a hard time making high gravity beers because they have bad balance and taste like bananas and vanilla, but good luck to you!


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