What is the best way to clean a sankey pump it after I use it so it doesn't get moldy inside?

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Copy and pasted from doityourself.com

To begin cleaning the tap you will need to get keg tap detergent and mix it with water. Check with your local liquor store to see if they carry a cleaning kit for a tap. The instructions on the kit will be able to tell you how much cleaning detergent and water needs to be mixed together. The mixture should be put into some sort of bottle that has a hand pump to produce the cleaning solution.

Find the tap's faucet and remove the knob. Once you have done that, you will need to put the knob, the faucet and the hose that produces the beer, into a bucket.

Find the cleaning attachment in your kit and connect it to the faucet. Take the bucket with the other parts in it and place it under the main part of the keg. Then put the hose inside the bucket so the cleaning solution will be able to steam into the bucket.

You are now ready to pump the cleaning solution into the bucket. It is best to let the solution sit in the hose for a good amount of time to make sure that all bacteria is broken down. Your kit will tell you how long to soak the hose.

Take the bottle you used to pump the detergent and clean it thoroughly. Fill it with cold water (without any detergent) and pump the entire bottle of water into the hose. Use the other tools included in your kit, such as a wrench to unscrew the facuet and use the brush to clean out the keg and the faucet.

Rinse all the materials with cold water and allow them to dry completely before reassembling the unit.

Now that your keg tap is clean, it can be put into storage to await your next party.

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