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Airlock Alternatives

Imagine that brew-day rolls around and you find yourself without an airlock for your carboy or bucket. What other things can you use in it's stead? Further imagine that you do not have the ...

airlock equipment fermenter alternatives  
asked by Dean Brundage Score of 10
answered by Arlo427 Score of 11

Are plastic fizzy-drink bottles an acceptable substitute for glass bottles?

I'm thinking of cola, lemonade, etc bottles, usually 2 litres, commonly available in the UK. Are these going to be an acceptable substitute for glass bottles? Would save a few pennies on the cost of ...

asked by robaker Score of 16
answered by pkaeding Score of 12

What is wet hopping and how does it differ from dry?

Specifically what types of beer would you use wet hopping for and how does it affect the flavor/process differently than dry hopping a beer?

techniques dry-hopping  
asked by chrisst Score of 16
answered by mdma Score of 15

Can I add more yeast during primary fermentation?

I've got a brew that's been on primary fermentation for 10 days and still haven't seen any activity in the airlock (again). Gravity has dropped from 1.040 to 1.014, but I'd still like to raise the ...

yeast carbonation primary attenuation alcohol-content  
asked by Mark McDonald Score of 5
answered by brewchez Score of 8

Is it possible to over-ferment?

My first batch started fermenting 8 days ago. The beer is still fresh and very cloudy, but I'm wondering if its possible to over-ferment a beer? If I let it sit for another 2 weeks (or however ...

asked by Mike Fielden Score of 14
answered by Hopwise Score of 15

Using a carbonation stone to force carbonate in corny kegs

Can anyone tell me how to properly use a carbonation stone to carbonate beer in a corny keg? Particulary how to attach the stone and if it is removed after full carbonation or left in place until the ...

asked by Lynn Neeley Score of 9
answered by mdma Score of 7

What does 'Imperial' mean with regards to beer style?

I've seen the adjective "Imperial" tacked on at the beginning of a number of beer styles recently: Imperial Stout, Imperial Brown Ale, Imperial Red Ale, etc. What does it mean exactly, is it just ...

beer-styles imperial  
asked by Mattress Score of 18
answered by Tim Weber Score of 24
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