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Top new questions this week:

No more bubbling after a week

I have made mead a few times with perfect results. This time I tried a Cyser in a 1 gal batch. I followed a recipe that, based on the notes, had good results from others. 1 Gal of 100% apple juice, ...

mead stuck-fermentation  
asked by David Williamson 2 votes
answered by dmtaylor 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is torrified wheat?

What is torrified wheat and in what styles is it used? Are there any restriction or special procedures you need to follow to when using torrified wheat? Can you substitute torrified wheat with ...

ingredients wheat grain  
asked by Northern Brewer Chris 13 votes
answered by Denny Conn 13 votes

Can I sell my Homebrew in the UK

I often produce an excess of homebrew. Would it be legal to sell it in the UK, I would only be selling a maximum of 50 pints / year and my charge would really only cover the cost of the bottle. ...

cost legal  
asked by Richard Stelling 7 votes
answered by fearoffours 7 votes

Consistently high final gravity

I started brewing about a year ago, currently on my sixth batch, all using extract and some additional grains. My problem is that my beers consistently finish with a higher than expected final gravity....

fermentation final-gravity  
asked by bughunter 4 votes
answered by mdma 7 votes

Can I use wine yeast to ferment beer?

Can I use wine yeast to ferment a beer? What sort of problems might I encounter that are unique to wine yeast trying to ferment malt sugars? What sort of flavor differences might I encounter?

beer yeast techniques fermentation wine  
asked by baka 12 votes
answered by Denny Conn 10 votes

Adding Vanilla Extract?

I have a black stout fermenting right now. I added about 8oz of cacao powder in the boil and I'd like to add some vanilla extract, to taste. Can this be done before bottling? Should this have been ...

techniques flavor  
asked by DorkRawk 6 votes
answered by Keith Hoffman 9 votes

[WIKI] Bottle Sanitizing Techniques - Pros & Cons

What are the pros and cons of each bottle sanitizing method? Let's look at time, equipment, quality of sanitation, and other factors. Post one answer for each method. Edit the answers if you have ...

bottling sanitation  
asked by hookedonwinter 21 votes
answered by hookedonwinter 12 votes

Non fermenting cider

I extracted the juice and moved it to a container for two days(as per instructions)mixed the yeast with the sugar water and left for two days,then mixed together,but there was no fermentation,why ...

fermentation cider  
asked by John Radford 2 votes
answered by Max 5 votes
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