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How long can I leave beer in the secondary fermenter?

My first home brew beer is ready to be bottled but I've been busy and haven't gotten around to it yet. The beer was in a primary fermenter for 2 weeks, then I racked it into a secondary fermenter (...

process secondary  
user avatar asked by Kyle Boon Score of 22
user avatar answered by hookedonwinter Score of 11

What kind of contamination is this and is the beer ruined?

This is my first all-grain batch and unfortunately it has developed some kind of growth. It didn't smell like death, actually smelled pretty good, and the samples I have been taking have all tasted ...

contamination primary  
user avatar asked by ryanbillingsley Score of 10
user avatar answered by Brandon Score of 8

"White wheat" vs "wheat malt" vs "flaked wheat"?

I was looking for flaked wheat at my LHBS and they were out. My recipe called for roughly equal amounts of wheat malt and flaked wheat. The LHBS guy told me to use white wheat malt as a substitute. He ...

all-grain wheat  
user avatar asked by Hank Score of 11
user avatar answered by mdma Score of 10

Approximating Sugar to Apple Juice ratio in cider?

I haven't been able to find any reliable recipes or even rules-of-thumb when deciding the amount of sugar to juice ration in cider and perry. I'd like to know some approximations for sweet and dry ...

user avatar asked by Richard Stelling Score of 9
user avatar answered by J Wynia Score of 10

Methods for cleaning and drying tubing

Brewing 5 gallon batches at home. During the transfer from my primary fermenter to the secondary, and when filling bottles from my bottling bucket I constantly need to use plastic tubing to transfer ...

cleaning tubing  
user avatar asked by still_learning Score of 23
user avatar answered by Mere Development Score of 22

Temperature correction for specific gravity

If I want to convert my specific gravity reading from one temperature to an equivalent specific gravity at 60F how do I do it? Can you give me a correction factor for this case?

temperature calculations specific-gravity  
user avatar asked by gholamhossien kahid Score of 6
user avatar answered by jsled Score of 5

Are there any tricks for removing labels from bottles?

Some labels can be a pain to remove. I've tried soaking bottles in water with a little bit of dish soap but it doesn't really do much to break down the adhesive. What methods do you have for easily ...

techniques bottling bottles labels oxiclean  
user avatar asked by Joe Phillips Score of 41
user avatar answered by Jeff L Score of 37
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