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Top new questions this week:

After stabilizing a wine with potassium sorbate, do I need to bottle soon?

I read here that wines can be stabilized by "adding potassium sorbate just before the wine is bottled". I understand that "just before" in this context means a day or two later. ...

asked by CaptainProg 2 votes
answered by sintken 2 votes

What do you do about high cider FG?

I went ahead and tried one of Mangrove Jack's cider kits — the raspberry and mango one if anyone is interested. Shoved the fermentation bucket into the garage, and checked in after a couple of weeks. ...

cider final-gravity kits fruit-extract  
asked by David F. B. 2 votes
answered by Lucas Kauffman 3 votes

How to use fast pitch

I am making a recipe of cream ale beer, do I use both the fast pitch and the Wyeast when brewing the beer? Does the fast pitch replace the sugar?

asked by David Koss 1 vote
answered by Lucas Kauffman 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How much effect does light have on fermenting beer?

If I keep my fermenting beer in my living room, should I cover it with blankets or otherwise keep it out of the light? I've seen topics on brewing referencing this, but most just settle for "why take ...

fermentation light  
asked by Dmac the Destroyer 11 votes
answered by Ell 12 votes

Why is there so much foam when I open the bottle?

I have a batch of beer, fermented and then bottled. When I open the bottle, there is a lot of foam and it flows out of the bottle for a while. What could cause this? I assume it's too much CO2 and ...

bottle-conditioning co2 foam  
asked by Michael Stum 9 votes
answered by brewchez 9 votes

How Does a Hydrometer Work?

I know how to use my hydrometer, and I know what numbers to look at and write down on my brewing sheets, but I'm not sure what those numbers actually represent, or even what units I should use to ...

hydrometer original-gravity science  
asked by Ben 18 votes
answered by Chris Cudmore 10 votes

Primary fermentation is still bubbling after 2 weeks. What are the consequences?

This is my second batch in a row where I've seen primary go for over two weeks. From my understanding, primary fermentation for an ale shouldn't take more than a couple of days (4-5 at most I believe)...

asked by Scott 7 votes
answered by Grico 5 votes

Does yeast choice matter as much in ginger beer?

I'm about to brew a ginger beer and was wondering if the choice of yeast is as important in a ginger beer, where the ginger dominates the flavour. I've got the yeast-under-the-cap packet and a US-05 ...

beer yeast ginger-beer  
asked by Mark McDonald 8 votes
answered by baka 8 votes

What do you get if you distill mead?

This is just out of curiosity... I mean if you distill beer, you get whiskey... if you distill wine, you get cognac/brandy... if you distill fermented molasses, you get rum... if you distill ...

mead distillation  
asked by Baard Kopperud 32 votes
answered by FishesCycle 19 votes

Can I bottle when still bubbling a little?

I made a beer from extract (amber dryed malt extract). Recipe says OG is 1.040 FG is 1.010. Used Safebrew S-04 (english ale yeast). The wort has been sitting in primary fermenter for 10 days now. ...

airlock bubble  
asked by Paolo 3 votes
answered by Jared Meyering 4 votes
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