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Top new questions this week:

How do I clean the hose attached to my auto-siphon?

I let it soak in hot water solution overnight with LD Carlson Easy Rinse Cleaning Powder (I don't know what the actual ingredients are). I let it soak in StarSan solution overnight also. However, the ...

cleaning plastic  
asked by Chloe 2 votes
answered by rob 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it possible to bottle condition without sediment?

I've recently been reading the labels a bit more on one of my favourite beers and have discovered that the brewers bottle condition their Pale Ale. Yet it's sold with no signs of any flocculated ...

yeast bottle-conditioning conditioning trub sediment  
asked by Mark McDonald 10 votes
answered by jstevej 4 votes

Why do all my beers taste better after having aged for a couple months?

My impression is that ales are typically best drunk within a couple weeks of brew day. It's my experience that letting them age in the bottles for 2-3 months yields the best beer, both improving body, ...

beer flavor aging ale lagering  
asked by Nick 19 votes
answered by TinCoyote 31 votes

What is wet hopping and how does it differ from dry?

Specifically what types of beer would you use wet hopping for and how does it affect the flavor/process differently than dry hopping a beer?

techniques dry-hopping  
asked by chrisst 16 votes
answered by mdma 15 votes

What is the difference between Clean, Sanitized and Sterilized?

What is the difference between Clean, Sanitized and Sterilized?

sanitation cleaning sterilization  
asked by Nathan Koop 28 votes
answered by sgwill 32 votes

How do you label your bottles?

How do you mark, label, or otherwise identify the contents of your bottles? I'm currently using masking tape and a marker, but I'm curious what most other people use.

bottles labels  
asked by Fishtoaster 46 votes
answered by LoganGoesPlaces 23 votes

What's the point of secondary fermentation?

I've always bottled directly after the primary fermentation has finished. What's the point of the secondary fermentation? Can I use a bucket or is it something that really necessitates a glass carboy? ...

fermentation secondary-fermentation primary bucket carboy  
asked by travis 59 votes
answered by Jeff L 58 votes

Brewing Solid Things: Can Leftover Yeast Be Used for Bread?

I find myself baking a couple loaves of bread just about every weekend. Has anyone tried reusing their yeast from brewing for baking bread? I've heard that using some of the spent grain in bread ...

yeast bread reuse  
asked by Ben 32 votes
answered by Matt Utley 14 votes
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