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How much effect does light have on fermenting beer?

If I keep my fermenting beer in my living room, should I cover it with blankets or otherwise keep it out of the light? I've seen topics on brewing referencing this, but most just settle for "why take ...

fermentation light  
user avatar asked by Dmac the Destroyer Score of 12
user avatar answered by Ell Score of 13

Alternative/homemade yeast nutrient?

I forgot to add nutrient to my must when I put it in my carboy the other day (first time brewing mead). I fear I won't be able to get to my homebrew store before it's too late, so I'm wondering if I ...

yeast mead yeast-nutrient  
user avatar asked by n0pe Score of 10
user avatar answered by mdma Score of 5

How to make malt vinegar

How should I proceed to make a good malt vinegar. In particular I would like some recipe to know what grains (or extract) I need to use, to have a really good vinegar, not just something that is sour, ...

user avatar asked by Paolo Score of 10
user avatar answered by mdma Score of 5

Does yeast choice matter as much in ginger beer?

I'm about to brew a ginger beer and was wondering if the choice of yeast is as important in a ginger beer, where the ginger dominates the flavour. I've got the yeast-under-the-cap packet and a US-05 ...

beer yeast ginger-beer  
user avatar asked by Mark McDonald Score of 8
user avatar answered by baka Score of 8

Whats the difference between yeast and bacteria?

I know that in a very general sense, yeast = good, bacteria = bad. But why is this? Do bacteria produce alcohol like yeast? Is yeast a subset of all bacteria, or vice versa?

yeast bacteria  
user avatar asked by PMV Score of 7
user avatar answered by baka Score of 13

What is torrified wheat?

What is torrified wheat and in what styles is it used? Are there any restriction or special procedures you need to follow to when using torrified wheat? Can you substitute torrified wheat with ...

ingredients wheat grain  
user avatar asked by Northern Brewer Chris Score of 13
user avatar answered by Denny Conn Score of 13

The "correct" step to add cinnamon and vanilla?

I want to experiment a bit by adding spices - I'm thinking cinnamon and vanilla - to my beer, but wonder at which step is considered the best time to add it. Personal experience is very welcome. I ...

spices procedure  
user avatar asked by Baard Kopperud Score of 13
user avatar answered by Schleis Score of 7
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