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Top new questions this week:

How do I fix my white wine?

This is my 2nd attempt to make wine. I watched a youtube video and simply went ahead. Because of Corona lockdown, I could not buy the right equipments. Steps I took to create my white wine. Pressed 7 ...

wine acidic  
asked by Siddharth Rout 1 vote
answered by chthon 1 vote

Can conditioning and the amount of head space

I recently just purchased an oktober sl1 can sealer... I am looking for some intel as far as how much head space do I leave before I seal the lid? Because cans have such a larger surface area at the ...

asked by Zach Trottier 1 vote

Hard seltzer turns pink after a few weeks, why?

I've got a bit of an odd situation. I've been brewing some hard seltzers, simple recipe: 4LB Dextrose + Champagne Yeast + Water + Nutrient. However, I've got an odd issue. 2 of 3 hard seltzers have ...

fermentation color  
asked by rob 1 vote

Can I use a Koenig beer CO2 dispenser for home brew?

I have a Koenig CO2 beer dispenser for 5l mini kegs and was intending reusing the kegs with home brew. Would this work or would the pressure disturb the yeast sediment ?

asked by Richard Carter 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there anyway to tell if a glass bottle of beer is carbonated without opening it?

It would be great if I didn't have to ruin a bottle of beer by opening it to test to see if it carbonated. Is there any way to tell?

bottling carbonation bottle-conditioning glass  
asked by CLJ 23 votes
answered by Matthew 6 votes

The "correct" step to add cinnamon and vanilla?

I want to experiment a bit by adding spices - I'm thinking cinnamon and vanilla - to my beer, but wonder at which step is considered the best time to add it. Personal experience is very welcome. I ...

spices procedure  
asked by Baard Kopperud 13 votes
answered by Schleis 7 votes

Bottled Beer is Cloudy

I'm brewing my first batch of brew and I bottled almost two weeks ago. I've been super anal about keeping everything sterilized, clean, and at the correct temperature during fermentation and bottling. ...

clarity cloudy  
asked by Donn Felker 5 votes

What kind of infection is this and is the beer ruined?

This is my first all-grain batch and unfortunately it has developed some kind of growth. It didn't smell like death, actually smelled pretty good, and the samples I have been taking have all tasted ...

contamination primary  
asked by ryanbillingsley 10 votes
answered by Brandon 8 votes

How to make malt vinegar

How should I proceed to make a good malt vinegar. In particular I would like some recipe to know what grains (or extract) I need to use, to have a really good vinegar, not just something that is sour, ...

asked by Paolo 9 votes
answered by mdma 5 votes

What is the difference between Clean, Sanitized and Sterilized?

What is the difference between Clean, Sanitized and Sterilized?

sanitation cleaning sterilization  
asked by Nathan Koop 28 votes
answered by sgwill 32 votes

Can a refractometer be used for testing final gravity?

Can you use a refractometer to test final gravity?

final-gravity refractometer  
asked by Richard 15 votes
answered by Chino Brews 13 votes
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