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Top new questions this week:

Why is it so hard to find a decent fermenter?

Brew n00b here. I've been reading the Palmer book and looking around for gear. I've got a kegerator so not planning on bottling. That kind of makes half the stuff in the "homebrew starter" kits not ...

fermentation primary-fermentation  
asked by HomeBrew 1 vote
answered by chthon 0 votes

Using 6kg's of grains for a 10liter batch Pale Ale brew

I accidentally used 6kg's of grains (Simpson's Ale base malt & Caraaroma) for a 10 liter brew, 10grams of Mangrove Jacks Empire Ale Yeast and 75grams of Hops (Columbus,Centennial and Yellow ...

fermentation small-batch  
asked by Quinton Balie 1 vote
answered by chthon 2 votes

Opening bottled beer early

I'm a first time homebrewer and I made the schoolboy error of using my old Peroni beer bottles and caps. The caps haven't really taken well (I assume they're a one-time-only seal) and I've ordered new ...

asked by Glenn 1 vote
answered by Philippe 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make malt vinegar

How should I proceed to make a good malt vinegar. In particular I would like some recipe to know what grains (or extract) I need to use, to have a really good vinegar, not just something that is sour, ...

asked by Paolo 9 votes
answered by mdma 5 votes

Methods for cleaning and drying tubing

Brewing 5 gallon batches at home. During the transfer from my primary fermenter to the secondary, and when filling bottles from my bottling bucket I constantly need to use plastic tubing to transfer ...

cleaning tubing  
asked by still_learning 21 votes
answered by Mere Development 22 votes

How much does heat affect beer?

What effects could heat have on beer and how long does it take? Is it ok to ship beer without an icepack during the summer? Can it survive the heat of a parked car for a few hours? Someone out ...

beer storage  
asked by Room3 11 votes
answered by Denny Conn 9 votes

Whats the difference between yeast and bacteria?

I know that in a very general sense, yeast = good, bacteria = bad. But why is this? Do bacteria produce alcohol like yeast? Is yeast a subset of all bacteria, or vice versa?

yeast bacteria  
asked by PMV 6 votes
answered by baka 12 votes

What can I do with my spent grain after mashing?

After brewing a batch of beer, I always end up with ~14 lbs of spent grain that I usually just toss in a pile in the corner of the yard. Are there better things to do with it (i.e. cooking, baking, ...

beer mash all-grain grain spent-grain  
asked by Jeff L 36 votes
answered by Morgan 27 votes

How do you sparge?

One of the biggest hurdles I came across when switching to all-grain was learning how to sparge. I honestly still don't think I do it 100% correctly. There are very detailed descriptions online, but ...

sparge all-grain process  
asked by hookedonwinter 31 votes
answered by Dean Brundage 42 votes

How does lemon juice ferment into hard lemonade?

I'm interested in making a hard lemonade after my cider is done, but I'm having a tough time figuring out how the recipes I've found actually work, and what's the best way to ferment lemon juice. ...

fermentation recipe-formulation mash-ph  
asked by MStodd 13 votes
answered by Mattress 7 votes
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