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Top new questions this week:

Apple cider cloudy

I made my primary fermentation since 25 days ago SG was 1.100 ( bubbling was stopped since 2nd week), today I’m going to move the cider to secondary the Gravity is about 0.980 but the cider is still ...

fermentation bottling cider secondary-fermentation  
asked by Black skull 1 vote
answered by dmtaylor 0 votes

Gravity goes down during cooling

Brewing with Grainfather system. Gravity measured post boil at 1.068. Gravity measured post cooling and transfer to fermenter @ 1.058. How/What could cause this?

asked by John 1 vote
answered by thebeav 3 votes

Bottling in Aluminum Coors Light Pint Cans?

I have several aluminum Coors Light Pint cans with screw-top caps. I haven't tried to bottle with them yet. Has anyone else successfully bottled in these cans? Thanks.

asked by Dave 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are plastic fizzy-drink bottles an acceptable substitute for glass bottles?

I'm thinking of cola, lemonade, etc bottles, usually 2 litres, commonly available in the UK. Are these going to be an acceptable substitute for glass bottles? Would save a few pennies on the cost of ...

asked by robaker 15 votes
answered by pkaeding 12 votes

Calculating Alcohol by Volume

I've got a formula for calculating ABV (alcohol by volume) from several different sources on the Internet: ((76.08*(OG-FG)/(1.775-OG))*(FG/0.794)) It works just great, but it's not the easiest one ...

asked by Rich Armstrong 15 votes
answered by Brandon 13 votes

What is the ideal climate for growing hops?

I would like to start growing my own hops and want to know what the ideal climate is. I've read that hops will grow in most areas of North America, but there must be places where they grow better ...

hops grow growing-hops  
asked by Stefan Moser 6 votes
answered by JackSmith 5 votes

What kind of infection is this and is the beer ruined?

This is my first all-grain batch and unfortunately it has developed some kind of growth. It didn't smell like death, actually smelled pretty good, and the samples I have been taking have all tasted ...

contamination primary  
asked by ryanbillingsley 9 votes
answered by Brandon 8 votes

Temperature correction for specific gravity

If I want to convert my specific gravity reading from one temperature to an equivalent specific gravity at 60F how do I do it? Can you give me a correction factor for this case?

temperature calculations specific-gravity  
asked by gholamhossien kahid 6 votes
answered by jsled 5 votes

Can a refractometer be used for testing final gravity?

Can you use a refractometer to test final gravity?

final-gravity refractometer  
asked by Richard 14 votes
answered by Chino Brews 12 votes

Calculating carbon dioxide production during fermentation

I know yeast ferments sugars into alcohol at a predictable rate, but is the same is true for carbon dioxide? Since I know the amount of sugars fermented though my gravity readings, shouldn't it be ...

fermentation calculations  
asked by Colin 2 votes
answered by Denny Conn 2 votes
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