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Top new questions this week:

What is the expected degradation of Sodium Metabisulfite?

I have a jar of Sodium Metabisulfite which has been opened and used from. A volume of about 4 oz. is left and looks to be in good shape. I would want to use it to sanitize some equipment. Should I ...

asked by Blanthor 1 vote
answered by Mr_road 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

If/When to move to secondary fermentation

Digression from What's the point of secondary fermentation? What are the good rules of thumb for determining a. whether to use secondary fermentation at all and b. when to move from primary to ...

beer fermentation secondary-fermentation racking  
asked by Mike S 43 votes
answered by Denny Conn 64 votes

As a benchmark, how much grain (and water) would be used to make one litre (or 100L) of wort?

Obviously the style of beer, type of grain (barley, wheat, etc) and depth of roast would make a difference. But in general what would be the typical ranges be? So for example: For a Dark Stout: A ...

beer whiskey  
asked by DarcyThomas 6 votes
answered by mdma 13 votes

How do you label your bottles?

How do you mark, label, or otherwise identify the contents of your bottles? I'm currently using masking tape and a marker, but I'm curious what most other people use.

bottles labels  
asked by Fishtoaster 46 votes
answered by LoganGoesPlaces 23 votes

Whats the difference between yeast and bacteria?

I know that in a very general sense, yeast = good, bacteria = bad. But why is this? Do bacteria produce alcohol like yeast? Is yeast a subset of all bacteria, or vice versa?

yeast bacteria  
asked by PMV 6 votes
answered by baka 13 votes

What are some alternatives to hops?

I have a friend that is allergic to hops and can not drink our beer (or just about any others for that matter). What alternatives do I have if I want to make a beer for him? What could I substitute ...

beer hops  
asked by CLJ 31 votes
answered by Morgan 29 votes

No Bubbles and No Foam after 3 Days

First time brewer here. I'm concerned my batch is not progressing as it should. Here's a quick run down of what I've done... I put my batch (which had a SG of 1.044) in the primary fermenter on ...

fermentation foam  
asked by Aaron 5 votes
answered by Pietro 6 votes

Bottles didn't carbonate, anything I can do?

Brewed an Oatmeal Stout and it has been in bottles for about 4 weeks now and still the bottles haven't carbonated. Tried the first bottle after 2 weeks and it was very flat. Now I just opened one ...

carbonation bottle-conditioning bottle  
asked by tomcocca 12 votes
answered by brewchez 13 votes
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