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J Wynia is a software consultant, writer and geek who lives in Minneapolis with his wife and 2 basset hounds. I am on most social services as "jwynia", including Twitter at @jwynia.

comment Is There A Way To Get Root Beer Taste/Smell Out Of Kegging Equipment?
I was surprised how much aroma and flavor transferred into the soda water too, but it's unmistakably "root beer" scented and flavored.
comment What's the best method to catch a strain of wild yeast for homebrewing?
Umm. I specifically said not the ones in the grocery store.
comment How do I cut my extract brewing cost?
Given that kits like this (northernbrewer.com/brewing/recipe-kits/extract-kits/…) are $27, with liquid yeast, $40-80 on ingredients strikes me as really high. Tack on the $7.99 in shipping and that kit (and most in that store) are still under $40. Buy more than one and split the shipping across them.