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comment How much water does a wort chiller use?
+1 for the Therminator and Thrumometer combo - I love mine and get about the same chill rate - starting with 60°F water I chill 10 gallons of post-boil wort down to ~70° in less than 10 minutes using about 20-30 gallons of water which I retain in the sink for cleanup.
comment Dispensing beers at two different pressures?
Assuming cost is not an option, split it into a Nitro side and a CO2 side. Its always interesting to taste the difference in your ESB when you push it with Nitrogen instead of CO2. But then, I almost always have a stout on one tap and an ESB or IPA on the other...
comment Fermenting 1/2bbl and 1bbl batches
PJ, I think I have been following you for a while - you are @hookedonwinter right? I'm @jmdenmark and like yourself, I only contemplate brewing for a living.
comment How tight should bottles be capped?
Keep the bottles. The 335s should work fine with 26mm caps. I guessing its either the caps or the capper that are the issue. The european bottles may have a slightly thicker glass rim which is compensating but I haven't had any issues capping US ones with my capper so just try a different source for your caps next time.
comment Is the price of copper making plate chillers the better choice?
I have a Therminator and until recently it was my single most costly piece of brewing equipment but after 4 years, I still feel it was a great investment. Also I have found that a rigorous cleaning protocol immediately after use has avoided any issues. Reverse flush with hot water, then soak in PBW then sanitizer with the rest of my brewing items. Now the Chillzilla is roughly the same price...
comment What is conversion?
Also Kai at has this to offer.…
comment Insulating My Mash Tun
@Dean, yes this certainly seems to happen but wrap my keg above the skirt so I have about 3 inches of clearance. despite this if I only heat gently it seems to hold on and not spread beyond the lower inch or so although I did have one catch fire once... but that's another story.
comment Dual Faucet Kegerator and kegs
+1 on the Perlick faucets