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comment A good style for first batch?
I agree, throw some malt extract, water, hops and yeast together and learn as you go. As long as the beer comes out drinkable you are good to go. As your knowledge grows your beers will be more and more drinkable. Cheers!
comment Small Space & Apartment Brewing: Boiling
I have a similar arrangement worked out with my brother in law. Everything is stored at my house because I have room. His apartment doesn't allow proper storage so everything is always in my basement. Its a nice trade off because I have access to both of our brewing equipment at all times. If you have a small space and need room I'm sure there is someone out there that would love to have brew stuff at their house for the privilege of storing them.
comment Remedy for a Stuck sparge
Blowing air back through the exit tube has almost always worked for me too. Its quick, easy and usually works well.
comment Bottle Sizes Smaller than 12 Ounces?
Little Kings beer is made by Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co. out of Ohio.
comment Shipping beer cheaply
If asked be sure to state the items inside the box are "live yeast samples" and not beer. I believe it is illegal to knowingly ship beer. I'm not positive about any of this but once heard it.
comment Adding Bourbon flavor to a beer
I just soak my oak chips in a bottle of bourbon and have not ahd any issues with not boiling it. The alcohol keeps it clean. I see that others dont think this is a smart thing to do so I amy be wrong but it works for me.
comment Old grain and hops stored in fridge for 1 year - ok to use?
The hops if stored correctly will still be usable but will not be as good as newer hops as they break down over time losing all the good stuff. Just be aware that whatever AA% they were originally they are likely a bit lower now. (That my understanding anyways)
comment Dry hopping in the keg.
Anyone ever dry hop with fresh hops?
comment Bottling vs. Kegging
Oh and go with the reconditioned (used) kegs. They are much cheaper and just take a little cleaning before you use them. My local shop replaces all the washers and such before selling them at $38 per.