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I have been a home brewer for about 7 years. While I started slow with only a handful of batches a year I currently average 35 batches per year totaling around 180 gallons. I do mostly all grain batches in my Rubbermaid system and have built a 5 tap keezer for dispensing enjoyment, and a rock solid workbench with a built in temperature controlled fermentation chamber.

My wife and I also make wine with 2013 being a record year of 12 six gallon batches. My wife recently has been on a cider kick, but after finding most of the commercial examples so awful sweet, we have begun to ferment our own, tart/sour versions that are very good.

Feel free to ask me anything. I have made some excellent beer but only after making just about every mistake in the book and I understand how frustrating it can be to start off with no help.


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