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comment How much weight to add to a dry-hop bag?
"Good alternative use for a hop bag - throw hops in without the bag for better hop distribution. Then when racking, tie the hop bag onto the siphon/cane and it will filter the hops on the way out into your keg or bottling bucket. Same effect, but better. – paul Jun 30 '12 at 4:21" Paul, your proposed solution creates two issues, 1) you dont want to aerate your wort, post-fermentation, which is what you would be doing by passing the wort through a hop bag, and 2) you're setting up inevitable racking cane clogs. Use pellets and rack off above the trub, after a good cold crash, and you wont be so
comment Increasing IBUs post fermentation
"When the kettle reached a boil, I pressed the hop tea off into a sanitized jar and set it aside. I then added the hops from the French press to my kettle, using them as part of my 60 minute addition." You certainly dont have to worry about santizing a jar for that tea if you are going to add it to the boiling wort for 60 mins. Just think about an immersion add it to the boil about 10 minutes before flame out to sanititze it. Also, you would lose most of the flavor and aromatics that you are looking for if you steeped this tea and placed it in the boil for 60 mins. You would want