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I work for a small bioinformatics company and I build websites and applications. I'm currently focused on Python and Django. I love to make my sites/apps responsive, and I'm very interested in software usability.

comment First Brew: Yellow Mold - Transfer to Carboy - Slowing of Fermentation
bright yellow clusters... looked artificial... you could be right, though. one reference: everything2.com/title/Homebrewing+105%253A+Troubleshooting
comment Good Way to Stuff Dry Hops into Dry Hop Bag
very good idea... I really like it. I'm stuffing again soon and I will give it a try.
comment Dry hopping at the end of fermentation?
This is a great idea... The last dry hopping I did, I was thinking to myself... "wow, if only I could get the hops to come in contact with more beer..."