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comment Most Feasible method to add Grains of Coffee in Porter Style
why would you add vanilla and cinnamon?, what is the benefit, I suppose that is going to change the flavor and smell, even using a little amount?
comment corn beer steps and suggestions using a home stove
@Denny Conn, A friend already does corn beer. I saw the process and she only used the corn to make the wort. She did not use other enzyme to break the starch. She used 4.409 lbs of corn per 12 Liters of water, afterwards she added a little amount of hop and half oz of yeast, the Temp was 158d^F. She also used 3.52 oz of mash of a special kind of mexican chili
comment polluted Dark strong Ale when opened bottles
But leaving alone the beer for 3 weeks could get you esters that do not belong to a particular beer style, is that correct?
comment Porter recommendations to avoid acidity
But when using such heat as 170F, you kill all enzimes, don`t you?