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Norwegian software developer and home brewer, winner of the Norwegian 2010 christmas beer competition.

comment Is there an online equivalent of Beer Smith?
+1 for this one. Works great and development is very active.
comment Holding a glass carboy by its neck
Carrying (or even just using) glass carboys is a bad idea if you ask me. I've heard enough horror stories about severed tendons to stay away from glass for all my beers.
comment My first brew tastes a bit like champage. Did I do something wrong?
Unless the beer has been sitting on the yeast for several months, I think the danger of autolysis is negligible.
comment Corny Real Ale?
The mouthfeel of beer served through handpumps is usually quite different from pressure-served beer, especially if the pump has a creamer nozzle. Go very easy on the carbonation though, and you should be able to approximate it.
comment Corny Real Ale?
If you want to go all out, add a hand pump and a cask breather, they should be easy to connect to a corny. That's how on of the microbreweries here in Norway (Kinn Bryggeri) serves all its draft ales. The cask breather adds CO2 to the keg at ambient pressure and is a no-go for camra purists, for some archaic and pointless reason.
comment Any good iPhone/iPad apps for brewing?
BeerAlchemy for iPad has been out for a while ($9.99), and the iPhone version has gotten a lot cheaper at $4.99. I use the iPhone version all the time, and love it.
comment Dry Irish Stout Tastes very much like grain
Sounds like you've nailed it. And I think you're right, I have never seen a stout recipe that didn't use a pale base malt.
comment 90-minute boil for pilsner malt?
This. If you have a good rolling boil you can probably get away with 60-70 minutes, but it doesn't hurt to play it safe :-) It's also important to cool the wort quickly, as DMS is produced above a certain temperature threshold, and only evaporates when the wort is boiling.
comment Force “bubblifying” with something other than CO2
Technically you're not "carbonating" if you're not adding CO2
comment What is the best beer to make for a spouse who prefers sauvignon blanc?
Nelson Sauvin is an incredible hop, but is adds a lot of bitterness. I'd suggest Riwaka, which has very similar flavour/aroma to Nelson, but much less bitterness. Riwaka can be hard to find, though.