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I am the most active developer on LedgerSMB, which accounts for most of my consulting and freelance work. I also offer PostgreSQL-related consulting services and more.

I also am a co-founder of Efficito which offers LedgerSMB ERP hosting for small to midsized businesses. Efficito: Robust, flexible, and open.

Finally I am a principal consultant for 2ndQuadrant and offer PostgreSQL consulting services throughout South-East Asia.

comment How important is the 'Best Before' date on Brewing Sugar?
In the US, too, "Best Before" is entirely arbitrary, to the point where buying expired goods and changing the date is not considered fraud. I read of a case where a dollar store did that with salad dressing, was sued by the manufacturer, and the manufacturer lost on the basis that the date didn't really mean anything. Use by, however, is meaningful and implies spoilage.
comment Wild fermentation with improvised equipment, any advice?
That's what I thought, but given that it was originally fermented in the fridge before, I figured I would give it a try first.