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2nd year brewer, all-grain.

comment Missed my target gravity and volume by a mile
How long was your boil? I usuaully start at 6 and end up with about a gallon of loss over the couse of an hour. Not that it would effect efficiecny, but seems odd to start with 6 and end at 3.5
comment How to Cold Crash an Imperial Stout?
Good to try one after a month, but an imperial stout tastes pretty darn good after aging it for a year. Don't drink too many too early.
comment Is Videne effective as a non-rinse santizer?
As another possible option, I've been using iodophor for no-rinse sanitizer and haven't had any infections after many a brew.
comment Grow my own hops, what kind
I harvested and dried 26 oz off my 2nd year fuggles plant this year, so you can get a good yield. Less than half that off my Cascade plant but it may have to do with the Fuggles being next to the composter. Planted Zeus as well for a bittering hop. Really it comes down to planting what you like and will get good use out of. I'm in Edmonton, so probably a similar growing climate to Colorado.
comment Can I use liquid nitrogen to cool my wort?
I chill in the laundry room into the washer, so yes you run water for awhile, but it doesn't have to be a waste.
comment Is hop harvesting before first frost necessary?
Thanks Denny, I guess I'll get at it tonight.
comment Any reason not to boil for longer?
I believe there's also the risk of astringency attached to over sparging.
comment How to make the best beer with arduino?
Are you looking to track fermentation specifically? Arduino can do many other things with t-stat/relay type applications for controlling/monitoring mash temp, ferment temp. I think there is even a ph monitoring application. Not sure there is an easy way to monitor gravity/fermentation though.
comment Yeast Washing - danger in long seperation times?
If your trub layer is minimal, you're probably okay. Some people pitch right onto the previous cake so they aren't worried about it. The biggest thing is if the style you're brewing is "delicate" there is more of a chance of picking up coloring/flavoring from the trub. If you're pitching into a 10% imperial stout, or a double ipa then you're less likely to notice anything from the previous brew.