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I've done System Administration for a small non-profit for the last few years while going to school full time. This entailed building a half-decent knowledge of Linux and Mac OSX system administration and learning PHP and Bash as well as some Perl and Python. I'm currently working on a couple side projects (yet to be disclosed), and a Bachelors in Computer Science.

comment What bourbons work well for flavoring beer?
Alright... I will admit that this is somewhat subjective, but it is still a valid (and very useful) question for any homebrewer who wants to use bourbon to flavor a beer. Knowing which bourbons will produce what kind of flavor and strength is very much akin to what flavor and strength a hop varietal or yeast will produce. So, my question to you is: How do I alter this question to make it less subjective and more practically useful for homebrewers?