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comment Strange black pods in wort - hop seeds?
Like BrotherLogic my EKG seeds were pale rather than black, but perhaps that depends on the hop variety or the type of beer. Mine was an English Pale Ale.
comment I boiled my PVC thermometer probe - health concerns?
Well, the thermometer is certainly for food use, although I bought it from eBay and it's clearly an object that's been imported from China so who really knows whether it meets any real safety criteria. But I suppose the proper way to use it is the stick the metal probe into something, which isn't exactly what I did on this occasion.
comment Nothing visible happening in fermenter after three and a half days - what should I do?
Thanks, chaps! I'm not sure why this is, but all the UK homebrew books/videos seem to use plastic buckets and all the US ones glass carboys. I can definitely see why you'd want to look inside!