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I am a professional geek, working in enterprise data systems. I fill the role of systems engineer, architect, developer, project manager, etc... a one-stop enterprise IT kinda guy.

I develop in .NET, MVC, and IIS on Windows platforms; on *nix I favor to develop in PHP with some Cake.

For database systems I favor MSSQL, MySQL, and I'm moving into PostgreSQL for BI/ Warehousing.

Security is near and dear to my heart; a well-designed security system puts a satisfied smile on my face.

Scalability is important to me; planning for the future is one of my greatest strengths.

Thats me! Computer geek extraordinaire!

comment Quick disconnects - cheap alternatives?
Hmmm... still considerably more expensive than the garden hose brass disconnects, but also a manageable expense. I'd seen the camlock ones advertized, but I'd assumed they would be much more expensive.
comment Can I dry my own yeast to make it relatively shelf stable? How?
This seems to be the ultimate answer for my question. The other answers were good too.
comment can I fix an oversparged brew?
Honestly I don't know. I'm not even sure the various protiens from the oversparged husks can be filtered; I do know it will filter some stuff you don't want filtered. That's why I say it's a ruined clone batch, but may be salvageable as a "MDMA Original".
comment can I fix an oversparged brew?
Maybe (and this is a pure guess) try filtering it through a 0.5 micron filter? I doubt it will be like what you are trying to clone, but it might remove some interfering substances and then you could "tweak" it with some adjuncts. Just an idea. I consider a ruined clone batch to be an opportunity to get creative.
comment Uses for spent grains
I definitely want to try this.