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comment power is cutting out on my (electric) boiler
I haven't contacted the shop, I ordered it online from the Hop and Grape (the site I linked to), though I could send them an email today. The thermostat a black unit mounted on the side of the bucket, with a dial labeled from '1' to '9', prior to this last attempt something around the '7' tick maintained a nice boil for 25L of wort. I'll add a couple pics to my Q shortly.
comment Do I need to rack to a new vessel for a secondary (fruit) fermentation
First off, regarding autolysis, yes of course, meaty, my mistake. Answer edited to reflect this. To your primary critique, I agree that in practice a secondary is rarely necessary, but to say that 'you don't need to do it' and that it's 'old-school' is really trollish on your part. I mean third paragraph. Regardless, the OP was implying transfer to secondary (the hint is the use of 'tertiary' in the post) so I was attempting to explain why that secondary wasn't needed. I really think the downvote was a bit much, but I suppose you're entitled.
comment What's the best UK malt to use instead of 'US 2-row pale ale malt'
Just wanted to report back, the optic worked great. Obviously just one beer is hardly a generalized experiment, but anecdotally, I'll confirm that Optic is a good sub for 'American 2 row'
comment What's the best UK malt to use instead of 'US 2-row pale ale malt'
well, based on a suggestion I just got on twitter (thx @PhilLowry ) I'm going to get some Mutons Optic. I'll report back as to how that turns out.