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Software developer, Rails, Ruby, Javascript, etc. I am mostly involved web development and general systems design work but have also built a couple of end-to-end LOB applications. CTO and co-founder of WealthBar which provides customized personal financial advice and investments for Canadians.

comment Are there any particular steps to fixing a batch of beer with extra trub / hot-break, or should it settle (as best as possible) on its own?
Thanks was just looking for this as I seem to get a lot of hot/cold break when I drain my kettle. I've never worried about it much, but I wondered. I agree doesn't seem to affect the taste or clarity of my beers.
comment Improving Your Brewing Significantly
Yeah this is so very true, I keg and often tap it too early. About a week after taping it's got much better flavour than the first pour. Two-weeks seems to be the sweet spot for conditioning.
comment Fly Sparging: Can I start boiling straight away
Yeah I could see that affecting the boil off, though I suppose additional water could be added. That's basically what I did today, heated it enough so that I could get to a boil shortly after I was done sparging
comment Tap Water: Safe to use without boiling?
AFAIK Boiling water should remove the residual chlorine ehow.com/how_4516999_remove-chlorine-from-water.html