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comment Can sanitizier liquid be reused?
Also note that light will render your Iodophor solution ineffective. I have successfully kept some in a dark cabinet for a few days (haven't tried past that) with it still being effective. You can tell fairly easily with Iodophor by checking the color - if it's still brown, there is enough iodine free in the solution to sanitize.
comment Indoor-alternatives to kitchen stove
I've been using heatsticks for brew-in-a-bag AG for about 6 months now. I built two 1500W sticks (one with a right angle). I have to use two separate circuits, but I love the system. One mod I want to make to mine is adding a potentiometer to have a variable heat level. 2 sticks boils a bit violently with full volume - I'd love to have about 1.25-1.5x when I get up to boil. As a side note, I doubt I'll ever go to gas even when I have access to the great outdoors for brewing or move up to a larger batch size; electricity is too convenient!