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Adding hops late in the process is pretty common, it's called dry hopping. It's a great way to enhance the aroma of hops, without increasing the bitterness too much. It creates a nice fresh characteristic in the beer. Adding more yeast is not exactly common, but not unheard of. It can be used if the fermentation is stuck, and needs a kick. Sometimes yeast ...


You'll want to keep the yeast cool (under some beer) or cold (in the fridge after the beer is removed) to minimize autolysis. The warmer it is the faster they run out of glycogen, and once they run out they'll start dying. Dead cells aren't necessarily a problem, as long as your viability hasn't dropped too much. If most of the yeast are alive, then they ...


Fermentation time will depend on a lot of factors...if you want to compare to Wyeast, you need to specify which strain. 05 and 1056 ferment in about the same amount of time. but 05 often takes longer to drop clear. I think 05 -may- ferment a bit faster than 04, but no guarantees. The difference in flavor between 04 and 05 is dramatic.


Sure, there is no problem pitching additional yeast. How long has it been since you pitched the yeast and what was the expiration date on the package. If yeast gets near the expiration date a lot of the yeast cells have died off and it may take longer for you to see actual fermentation activity, sometimes up to 18 - 24 hours. The yeast may be actively ...

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