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No way. You will kill everything in your beer at this temperature. The pasteurization process actually uses lower temps, probably with less exposure time, and kills them all. And its ok to use any beer yeast to carbonation, you don't need the same strain.


Everything is fine. Apple juice is almost entirely fully-fermentable sugar; there's no real reason to add more sugar unless you want more alcohol. If you do add sugar, though, you should probably dissolve it either in the juice itself or some water, before adding it. Only 8 hours into the fermentation, you could probably get away with gently swirling the ...


In general, yeast will die at temps exceeding 115F.


No, it won't. Yeast companies generally overestimate the high end temps. They tell you where the yeast will work best, not necessarily the temps that make the best beers. And no matter what the high end is, you'll always get better results by pitching at the low end (or below) of the stated temp range. The first 72 hours are the most critical. If you ...


Yeast is usually categorised by how well they flocculate, the esters and phenols they release and the attenuation you can expect. A "standard" American yeast (US05) is descibed as "clean", whereas your "standard" British yeast (S04) is described as fruity. Your weiss yeasts would be very fruity with high banana and spicy with clove. A lager yeast might be ...

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