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I recently brewed a 14% RIS using a similar technique - I started out with S-04, and then used WLP099 to continue where that couldn't. Since the WLP090 yeast strain has a high alcohol tolerance, you only need the WLP099 if you're talking abv levels above around 13%. I think your plan sounds about right - although I would use more WLP090 and less WLP099, or ...


"The best way to obtain yeast is to skim it from the krausen of a currently fermenting beer." -John Palmer, How to Brew It may be tough in the jugs your are using but taking some of the krausen is the best way to get the yeast. Source http://www.howtobrew.com/section1/chapter6-8.html


This has happened to many brewers before and does not mean your batch is ruined. More than likely, the peak of the fermentation activity has passed. You should clean your fermenter with a sanitized cloth on the outer areas where the spill occurred. Also re-clean and sanitize your air lock and lid or bung-stopper of your carboy or bucket, and reseal them. ...


Probably if there are people and companies who have this information in a well defined way, I'd expect them to consider it a "trade secret" before I expected them to publish it to the public domain. Now this may be a touch opinionated or editorial, but I wonder how much "better" a brewer's yeast could be made to be, considering that they've been bred for at ...

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