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There is no magic number because it depends on your wort volume, OG, ambient temp, stir-plate, etc., but a short starter will benefit you as long as it's over 6 hours or so to ensure at least a couple of budding cycles. In a time crunch, you definitely cannot cold crash and decant—you'll decant a good fraction of your total cell count; defeating the purpose ...


First off, it sounds like you're talking about step-propagation, not kräusening (which is adding actively-fermenting beer to end-fermented beer to induce a true secondary fermentation). I find the issue here a bit vague, because you don't mention whether you're comparing pitching the same number of cells in both cases (one actively fermenting, and the other ...


I gotta disagree with JZ. I've used krausening for "fixing" lagers that had diacetyl issues. It works great for that, but I got no additional "yeast character" in the beer.

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