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It looks like you streaked several times from the same sample of yeast, and that there was a bit too much liquid in each streak (they resemble puddles). The liquid should be nearly invisible on your when applied to the plate. Also the plate surface should be a bit dry, so liquid is absorbed quickly. The streaking technique is important too: the plate in the ...


The Wyeast smack packs have a small nutrient pouch inside the main pouch (which contains the yeast slurry). The nutrients will cause the yeast to "wake up" and consume the sugars in the nutrient liquid, causing the swelling. However, this is a function not only of the yeast, but also of the date of manufacture, the viability/vitality of the yeast and the ...


"Does it contain the same yeast strain as heffe, or not?" It's quite possibly the same strain BUT not necessarily the strain you're looking for (Weihenstephan's Hefe yeast). Bottle conditioning for one or both (or neither) of these beers may be conducted with different yeast strains than the primary (from which all of the characteristic hefe flavor ...


If you practice good sanitation. Decant the water off and combine to save space.


You want to grow the slant up to about 100b cells by a mini starter, I start with 500ml 1.040 with nutrients. Then treat that as I would a new pack of yeast. Each step up of a starter takes 12-24 hours generally. Stirplate will help a lot to give more growth in shorter times.

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