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I don't believe in any way that maple 'wood' shares any distinct flavor qualities with maple 'syrup'. So I really don't think that by doing what you propose, you will come out with the end product you are looking for. But, to see for yourself, make a maple 'wood' tea, get that fire goin', put on your favorite Birkenstocks, and give it some sips. On the ...


For spruce flavored beers you don't use the wood. You use the fresh lighter green tips that come out in springtime. Its the new growth that is more aromatic and doesn't contain as much of the resins as the woody parts. As far as using your spruce christmas tree, I think you are out of luck.


My concern with using green wood from a fir tree would be the high amount of sap. Also not sure about this but as far as flavor I think that you would get a better hint of what your looking for by using the needles themselves. I know of a few microbrewers who have made things like spruce beers by adding the needles in, just a thought.

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