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For your secondary you will need something that seals airtight or at least with an air lock, a sealed plastic bucket would be OK, I have used them before, but don't use for too long. A loose fitting lid is not suitable. Also, the thin plastic brew buckets you tend to get for home brewing are permeable to O2 so left for too long you would get oxidation of the ...


If it has been bubbling for ten days, and smells OK, then likely you have wine. If it tastes like wine then good guess you have wine. If it at first smells OK, then sip a little, if OK try a bit more. Usually there is nothing that your nose or tongue will not pick up that will harm you greatly. With out pictures or more description it is hard to say ...


Concur with Molot. I'd add that boiling water off can concentrate bad compounds like heavy metals, so if you really are that worried about your water maybe get it tested for safety.

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