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I would not use finings, I like the cloudiness and believe it to be part of the style, I would not use anything to interfere with this.


Adding finings is a waste of effort with this style when brewed correctly. It is possible to have too much residual haze stuff in the beer and it will be super cloudy, and maybe even chunky. If your normal pale ales are cloudy, maybe finings are a good idea with this wiesse attempt. That said, some people actually add a little flour to the boil late to ...


There are a bunch of mash water:grain ratios, but generally around 1.5:1 qt./lb. (that's about 1.5 litres per 500 grams). The software BeerSmith recommends batch sparging your recipe with 4.1 and then 7.1 litres of water. So (assuming you're batch sparging) the first sparge-water addition would be 4.1 litres, and the second 7.1 litres. if you're ...


It seems to me that you are describing phenols when you talk about the "plastic bag burp" taste. Phenol production does vary quite a bit from one yeast strain to another with the Bavarian weizen yeasts and many Belgian yeasts producing more desirable phenols. Unwanted phenols produce a medicinal, band-aid, smoky, or plastic aroma and flavor. These are ...

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