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You don't need to keep topping up with water. As long as there is some water inside the airlock, there is a barrier to the outside environment allowing the generated carbon dioxide to escape but not allowing unwanted air in.


Totally normal. C02 is SLOWLY pushing the water to the opposite side of the lock. As fermentation starts to really kick in, you'll see much more movement and "bubbling" in the airlock.


To reduce alkalinity from 320 (6.4 meq/L) to 40 (0.8 mEq/L) you will need 6.4 - 0.8 = 5.6 mEq/L protons. I assume your finding that 1.5 mL of CRS will do this for you comes from the Brupaks table. Thus tells us that the normality of CRS is 5.6/1.4 = 4 N (a nice round number). Now we know that CRS is equimolar HCl and H2SO4 so that 2/3 of the protons (8/3 ...

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