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You might be better off just buying filtered water. You can usually get 5 gallons for about $1.25


AJ deLange calculated that 4.7mg/L (~18mg/gl) of potassium metabisulfite (4.0mg/L of sodium metabisulfite) is needed to reduce a "worst case" scenario of 3mg/L of chloramine. (PDF, via the Wayback Machine archive of AJ's site). I've been using this to add K-meta along with my brewing salts. That works out to 188mg for 10gl of brewing liquor. A Campden ...


Whether or not they're really necessary depends on the water you have and the beer you want to brew. You need to start by getting an analysis of your water. Some water districts provide all the info you need, but many of them don't. If not, an excellent resource is wardlab.com. Get test W-6. As the what the info means and how you need to adjust your ...


The core question is … Why? Different ions lead to different perceived properties in the finished beer; for one example: higher concentrations of chloride emphasize malt character, whereas higher concentrations of sulfate emphasize hop character and dryness. When? Both in the mash and in the sparge water, mostly based on the ratio in volume, with some ...


We have been using the zero water pitcher for 2 years. It came with a 'water quality tester' which tells you the total dissolved solids (inorganic materials and substances..ick) which are commonly found in drinking water. Chlorine would be included, but not specified by itself. My problem is de-chlorinating water for my garden/plants.


Bought a zero water filter pitcher for about $30 or so.works very well, just takes a long time to fill.

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