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I also think that fluctuation in temperature may be a bigger cause of oxidation than just one constant high temp. My theory; when it is hot the CO2 pressure builds up (expansion caused by heat) and the CO2 escapes from the bottle. When the bottle cools again, the Co2 contracts and the "vacuum" that forms is filled with air from the outside. Try to store ...


It has been said that for every 10C of temperature increase the oxidation rate roughly doubles. So yes temperature does increase oxidation rate. In general increases in heat increase all chemical reactions.


I agree with the tip that most of heat loss comes from the lid and opening it. I pushed a meat thermometer through the side of my tun near the drain valve this let's me see the temp without opening. If you don't trust the seal (hasn't failed me yet) you can buy a threaded bulkhead style one. I also throw a thick old blanket over the whole cooler and for ...


I think you are over thinking and and mis-interpreting the point of the "theory of mashing" article. That table regarding mash temp and attenuation is only specific to the wort tested. It's meant as a demonstration of how increasing temps may make a less fermentable wort. Fermentability of a wort is based on much more than temperature of the mash. The ...

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