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Also consider if you are bottling. Wouldn't you need the temperature to be high enough for the yeast to do its thing to carbonate the beer? I’m going through this right now with a colder secondary and I had to use a fish tank heater to keep it around 65 and I’m planning on making sure my beer is at least 65 before I bottle it.


Idiot-proofing the fermentation temperatures has been a bit of a peeve of mine right now, as I use a family member's basement as a brewery and I have little control of the ambient room temperature. The DIY solution I am working on uses a $15 digital thermostat/controller with a sinkable probe from Ebay to switch on/off a typical brewing heat belt (a ...


I think stirring is required even if you are running a watery mash with recirculation; you have to at least break up the clumps of dry grain before you can pump it. Heat doesn't seem to move easily through the mash anyways. Wort that is above the chiller will chill very, very slowly. I find that some wort will also stay hot on the bottom of my pot (on the ...

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