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At an ambient of 16degC you might need to think about cooling too. Fermentation is exothermic so your insulated box could heat up well above ambient. Connecting a fan to the cooling circuit of the STC to draw air into the box would work.


I use a reptile heater lamp. It gives off no light and is easy to control.


Your best bet is a Pad or belt. and as EZ stated, thermowell, for the temp sensor in the carboy. do not use fishtank heaters, those are meant for water heating only and may malfunction, and usually contain a temp control on it. as looking at your comment too, the heating cord may work too, but it will take longer to get to your desired temp, but will ...


I use a 1500w space heater with a fan. Aim it at the wall or have a shield for your carboys. I've found if warm air hits the carboy directly it will kinda bake on krausen in that area. To prevent the heater from comming on right after the freezer cycles. Put your prob in a thermo well in the fermentor, or a large glass bottle of water. Set the temp ...

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