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Moving the beer from the fridge to the closet is preferred. Yeast are sensitive to temperature changes, they handle going from cold to warm much better. Starting your fermentation at 23 C, while not terribly hot, will risk fusel alcohol production as the yeast are in a more hospitable environment and will consume the sugars more rapidly (by using these ...


Yeas, moving what's in the fridge to the closet is a good plan. Temp control is most crucial for the first 3-4 days. After that, I always increase the temp to ensure complete fermentation.


4 days was likely a little early to start chilling it. Most Ale yeasts will go dormant and start to flocculate if the temp drops significantly. I'd recommend that you warm it back up. Then carefully try to rouse the yeast by slowly swirling your fermentor until the yeast seem back up in suspension. Don't do this until you've warmed it up first. Take a ...

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