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Have to laugh at Rob.O : "My beer wipes the floor (prolly a good metaphor that) with it, when it comes to alcohol percent . Ok, you make it stronger, got it. The taste is o.k. (what happened to this massive floor wiping action???); now comes the best. My friends are pissed after 2-3 pints. Sheesh, better exit the teenie years at the very least before ...


I personally do not use bags for Leaf hop additions, as the filter on my kettle captures all the pieces of hops. Where as with pellets I find they escape from my kettle and make the beer bitty, so I tend to use them in a tight weave bags. May be split the hops into 2 bags so they have more space to circulate and stir the wort with the bag to get the wort ...


Also consider putting in a plastic zip lock or other and using a pastry roller. It's also good for cracking small specialty grains that are too small for the setting on your mill.

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