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Nope UV is bad for beer. It will make it taste horrible (skunky is one of the aromas that will be produced). I you mean harmful to people, then don't worry. There are no harmful bacteria in beer, they can't survive in the beer and bottle environment. If you mean harmful to the beer, then filtering and pasteurization can remove or kill these organizims. ...


I don't think it's a good idea, but might depend on product. You know why brown bottles are more popular than green or clear? Because light creates bad flavor and aroma in most beers. In my country it's known as skunks aroma. Strong UV lamp will do the same, only much faster. As far as I know, wine doesn't like light either. But I believe there might be some ...


Ginger juice alone does not have enough sugar to be fermentable. However, ginger beer is a popular, slightly alcoholic beverage made from ginger root, sugar, water and citric acid. Take a look at this question and answer.


I have made ginger beer from regular old yeast before so there is nothing inherent about ginger that makes it unsuitable for yeast fermentation. Yeast technically speaking is a fungus not bacteria so how things that have anti bacterial qualities interact with fungi I'm not sure.


If you dilute it to wine like levels of flavor, it will ferment, but the pure juice? It may ferment, but probably not with yeasts that produce an expected results. It would probably result in something we'd consider spoiled.

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