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I buy whole coriander and use a mortar and pestle to crack the shells before adding it to the boil. Whole coriander keeps longer and will give a fresher aroma than pre-ground. To grind it at home, a coffee grinder would probably be overkill. You only need to break the shells. If you don't have a mortar and pestle, you can use a meat tenderizing hammer (or ...


You'll get the best flavor if you use whole, and coarsely crack it before adding.


I did a small batch of Pale Ale + Fruit in January. I made a smooth puree and pasteurized it by heating on the stove to 80C and holding that temp for 30 minutes. I put the puree in the secondary and racked the beer onto it. I had a fairly vigorous secondary fermentation as the us-05 chewed through all my fruit sugars. This took away almost all of the ...


I would try different times/techniques with different fruits. One of my favorite things to do is when I'm trying different things, to split the batch into two 2.5 gal batches so I can compare and contrast. I would definitely say secondary is best. But on how much, whether to freeze/sanitize, etc. take a look at my fruit experiments here. Just don't be afraid ...


It is normal for the air lock to slow way down after a couple days. It may bubble only once every few minutes. (And a watched pot never boils!) However, you may also have a bad seal. You can use the soapy water trick - mix a drop of dish soap in a glass of water. Then dab the water around the edge of seal and look for bubbles.


I have experienced the same issue when fermenting. I believe the problem is the lack of oxygen. Try an aeration stone or some other type of aeration. Your airlock should start to bubble once again. Jimbowilly

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