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Apparently, this recipe came from the original authors of the beer you are cloning: Fat Tire Clone (December): 5 gal, OG = 1.050, FG = 1.013 IBU = 19, SRM = 14, ABV = 4.7% 8# 10 oz. 2-row Pale Malt 1# Munich Malt 8 oz. Crystal Malt (80L) 6 oz. Victory Malt 0.4 oz. Target (60 min.) 0.5 oz. Willamette (10 min.) 0.5 oz. ...


Zymurgy magazine has recipes for the the Amber and the Belgian. Jul/Aug 2006 New Belgium Fat Tire Clone Jul/Aug 2003 Fat Tire Amber Ale Clone You have to be a member to access the recipes. Here is a lot of clone recipes: Beersmith Recipes Look at the recipes and determine what you think is a good median. Brew that. Taste and decide where that lands to what ...

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