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It shouldn't be a problem. Just release pressure and raise temperature. Consider moving your beer back to fermentation tank, if you are afraid that there is not enough space for foam or that yeast will clog pipes. If that's not a problem, leave it there. If fermentation will not start after about 3 days, you might need to add a fresh yeast slurry. Best ...


Put in an unfermentable sugar prior to carbonating, like lactose. Or sweeten it, carbonate in the the bottle and then pasteurize in a dishwasher to kill the yeast before it consumes all the sugars. Obviously you'd need to do this in glass bottles and it the right temperature. Personally, the single time I've made bottle carbonated cider I was perfectly ...


Bottle fermentation? That sounds like option C... Did you mean bottle conditioning? You can kill yeast by adding potassium sorbate or by pasturising the beer/cider. Then you can add whatever. OR You can also use sugars that yeast cannot eat, like lactose.


Yes, it's an inherent limitation. But you can always sweeten in the glass if you like.

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