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Sure you can. I think Terry Gerry's book (or another, sorry) talks about how cranberry juice and apple cider are often people's first foray into brewing something. It's recommended that you agitate the beeguz out of cranberry juice or cocktail before you pitch yeast (I would use champagne yeast due to its resilience), and give it a shake whenever you pass by ...


The listed ingredients are fermentable. As long as there are no preservatives, and the pH isn't crazy low, it will work. Baker's yeast might not give you the best flavor, but I guess you're going to work with what you've got.


By my rough calculations it's about 1kg in 18 liters - to convert to units I can use my intuition with. This means you provided a bit over 5 Blg worth of fermentables by adding sugar. Not bad. I did more, on purpose. First thing, you just increased your ABV by about 2~3%. That's neither good or bad. Second, you didn't provide anything that usually goes ...

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